JYL Pipeline Consultant, Inc.
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Founded in 2003 as an offshore gas/oil pipeline engineering consulting company, Mr. Jaeyoung (Jay) Lee is currently working as a senior principal engineer at Forsys Subsea (a joint venture between FMC Technology and Technip) in Houston, Texas.

His specialty is offshore pipeline design engineering including feasibility study, detail engineering, and project management for both shallow and deep waters, as a part of offshore field development.

More than 30 years engineering experience mostly related to offshore pipeline design. Familiar with API, ANSI, and DNV codes for pipeline and riser system designs. 

  • Master's degree in ocean engineering from Texas A&M University.
  • Professional engineer registered in State of Texas.
  • Fellow of American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE).

Experience highlights from recent to past:

Forsys Subsea: SURF flowline product lead, R&D on subsea pig launcher and low cost HIPPS (lead engineer), field development guideline for flowlines and risers (main author), Pre-FEED and FEED for BP Hopkins.

Genesis Oil and Gas Consultant: Lead pipeline engineeer for Shell export pipeline FEED project (2,000m WD in GOM); BG Starfish detail flowline and riser design (110m WD in Trinidad and Tobago); Chevron Malange Pre-FEED (400m WD in West Angola), etc.

 Technip: Lead pipeline engineer for numerous projects in GOM, Canada, Brazil, Middle East, and Africa. Worked as a project engineer for Kvaener R.J. Brown before merged with Technip for several bundle towing projects in GOM.

Wellstream: Flexible pipe design engineer and product R&D enineeer.

Mr. Jaeyoung Lee
Houston, Texas, USA